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Stair lifts are more durable and reliable than ever before. Even so, like all home fixtures, they still require some maintenance and the occasional repair. Sometimes, it’s wear and tear; other times, it’s the result of a grandchild a little too hyped up on sugar. Whatever the case, we can provide the maintenance and repairs that your stair lift needs to keep it running strong.

Common Stair Lift Repairs

Traveling Cables

Travel cables constitute the most common repairs on stair lifts. Their constant motion and occasional entanglements (depending upon the system), make their uncommon but periodic wearing inevitable. Fortunately, they are among the fastest and most affordable repairs.

NJ Stairlift installation services

Stairlift installation

Speaking of traveling cables, their excess is stored in your chair’s spool. This spool is a retractable mechanism that keeps the cord’s length under control as the chair moves. However, they are also among the most common components to fail. While they are a bit more complicated to repair, the cost and time needed are still pretty low.

Yearly Inspection and Stairlift Tune-up

While stair lifts are pretty self-sufficient, they do require some infrequent tune-ups. So, once a year, call us to schedule a quick inspection and maintenance for your stair lift. Don’t worry; these visits are low-cost and usually (depending on the necessary work) take less than an hour. It’ll certainly extend the longevity of your lift and help keep us away for more pertinent repairs.

Want to Save Money? Here are Some Easy Maintenance Tasks you can Do:


A clean lift is a healthy lift. Cleaning your lift is essential to its longevity, but it’s pretty easy to incorporate into your normal cleaning routine. If you’re dusting the banisters, just take a few moments to wipe the track and chair as well. By cleaning excess dust, you’ll prevent dirt from clogging the inner components and track of the lift. Fortunately, it only needs to be done once a week.

Outdoor Stair Chair Lift

Outdoor Stair Chair Lift


After cleaning your lift, it’s a good idea to give it a quick coating of lubricant. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about industrial grade stuff here; Vaseline is usually sufficient. Simply rub it along the track and other components that move regularly (such as a pivoting or retractable seat). If you’re not sure where it may or may not be needed, just ask us during your installation.

Is it Covered by Warranty?

Stair Lift Warranty Guarantee

Stair lift warranty

Just like cars, some maintenance and repair tasks are covered by the warranty; others are not. We’ll provide you with the necessary documentation of what is and is not covered, and you can feel free to call and ask us at any time. Just try to be a little more careful around the lift, as damage caused by user error is typically not covered by any warranty.

Ultimately, stair lift maintenance and repairs really aren’t that expensive or time consuming. Of course, it’s even more affordable to take on some of the maintenance tasks yourself. But even if professional assistance is necessary, Jersey Shore Lifts can usually provide you with a pretty accurate quote of the prices and time needed. Sometimes, though, a closer look will be needed before we can say for sure.

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