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You should never feel limited in your own home. Our stair lift solutions offer mobility under even the harshest of circumstances. They are customizable enough to fit along any staircase, even narrow areas. No staircase is too small or too large; we have solutions to fit them all! Even better, our stair lift installation and repair services are much more affordable than you may think.

Straight Stair Lifts in NJ

jersey-shore-stair-lifts-about-usStraight staircase are pretty common, so they’re often seen as standard. However, even straight stairs come in different configurations. For example, some simply move straight from one floor to the next. Others, however, bend and continue along the railing, such as one case leading up to the living room from the front door and another leading down to the basement. So, you may require a solution that simply goes straight up and down, takes a 90 degree turn, or even takes one or more smaller steps before turning 90 degrees to lead up. Whatever your needs, we provide solutions for all. For the most complicated stair lifts, we also offer swivel seats.

Curved Stair Cases

Many homes feature stair cases that curve. These may include a rounded turn or even spiral designs. Steps inside of the turn tend to be built differently, and such designs can make the walking space narrower. So will that impact the ability to build a proper stair lift? Not at all! Yes, our customizable solutions even feature plans designed exclusively for curved staircases.

Curved stair lift installation

Stairlifts for curved stair cases

Outdoor Accessibility For New Jersey Residents

Outdoor Stair Lift installation

Outdoor Stair Chair Lift

Indoor staircases don’t do much good if you’re unable to access it in the first place. Fortunately, we have outside lifts to match. Our stair lift company can build weather-resistant stair lifts right along your porch or even stoop. In fact, you may even find that a smaller stair lift is actually more affordable than a wheelchair ramp.

Aesthetic Stair Lift Styles

Stair lift styles

Stair lift colors

Are you worried that your new stair lift may prove detrimental the style of your home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Remember, our job is to customize a stair lift solution that meets YOUR needs. As such, we’ll carefully consider the style of your home and unique preferences when designing your stair lift. It’ll look just as great as it runs!

Stairlift Safety Measures

Many of our clients have trouble maintaining their balance; it’s among the many reasons that stair lifts are needed. Each of our seats fulfill this need by providing sturdy handles on each side. Additionally, movement is smooth and fluid from start to finish.

If you like, safety belts can also be added to each installation. These are especially useful for steeper inclines or for those who experience anxiety with heights. They’re just as easy to use as a car seatbelt and sturdy enough to keep you secure.

Stair lift seatbelt

stairlifts safety measures

Even in the worst case scenarios, all stair lifts feature both electronic and manual braking systems. This is among the most important safety features and provides full-proof protection against any possible mechanical failure or power outage. What if something has fallen along the track? We can also include safety sensors that will stop the chair if any obstructions are detected.

Protection Against Power Outages

Stair lifts use your home’s AC power. But don’t worry, they’re actually quite economical. You’ll hardly notice a difference on your power bill. But what if there’s a power outage? Like so many modern electronics, our stair lift solutions offer backup battery power. This is an especially great feature because you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck upstairs or downstairs if power is lost. Just how long will those batteries last? Typically, they are designed to last for days. While every installation is different, we’ll be sure to provide you with an accurate estimate before installation.

Jersey Shore Lifts: Keeping YOU in Control

This is your stair lift. We’re just here to provide exceptional expertise in actually installing it. All you have to do is tell us where you’d like the stair lift (or stair lifts), what you want it to look like, and which seat is most comfortable. We’ll take care of the complicated parts and keep you informed every step of the way. When it comes time for installation, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how it’ll look. We’ll also train you in its very simple operation.

Service and Warranty

Stair Lift Warranty Guarantee

Stair lift warranty

Again, no complication, just a very simple and straightforward warranty plan. We’ll let you know what’s covered and what’s not upfront. We also have the expertise to service any additional issues (such as an excited grandson mistaking it for a theme park ride) that may arise. We’re available when you need us online or over the phone.

Staircase Railing: Does it Matter?

We can easily design a stair lift solution whether or not your stairs have railings. If you don’t have them, you won’t need them. If you do have them, they won’t get in the way at all. In fact, if you have metal outdoor railing, we may even be able to use it rather than a track. What a great way to save a little extra on your installation! Every situation is different. So, contact us today to discover how we can implement a solution for you!

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