FAQs About Stairlifts


Can I fit a stairlift in my home? One major misconception about stairlifts is that you need to have a certain type of house in order for them to fit and work properly. At Jersey Shore Lifts, we customize our stairlifts to fit your staircase and needs, whether it’s curved or straight and no matter [...]

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Does Medicaid Cover Stair Lift Installation?


Typically, Medicaid does not cover the installation of stair lifts for seniors, even with doctor’s orders–however, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any insurance options for those looking to improve their mobility around the house. A straight stair lift can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, with custom curved ones coming in a few thousand higher [...]

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Are Stairlifts Safe For Seniors?


Stairlifts are a great alternative for seniors who aren’t quite as mobile as they used to be or for those bound to wheelchairs, but the question remains–are they safe to use? At Jersey Shore Lifts, we install stair lifts of all kinds with multiple safety features to choose from to ensure peace of mind for [...]

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How Long Do Stairlift Batteries Last?


Generally speaking, stairlift batteries can last anywhere from two to five years. This depends on the quality of the battery in your stairlift and how well you take care of your stairlift over time, e.g. ensuring that the chair is on its charging point when it isn’t in use. How Do I Charge My Stairlift [...]

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Four Different Types of Stair Lifts


Stair lifts can be customized to fit any type of railing or personal need, right down to the preferred material and color of the user. There are four basic types of stair lifts that can be installed in your home. Straight Stair Lifts Straight stair lifts are attached to the railing and are customized with [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Installing A Stair Lift


It isn’t always easy to convince a loved one that they need a stair lift. In reality, stair lifts provide elderly or disabled people the same freedoms everyone else has in getting around their homes easily and not having to worry about feeling like their own house is dangerous. A stair lift installation could be [...]

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