Are Stairlifts Safe For Seniors?

Stairlifts are a great alternative for seniors who aren’t quite as mobile as they used to be or for those bound to wheelchairs, but the question remains–are they safe to use?

At Jersey Shore Lifts, we install stair lifts of all kinds with multiple safety features to choose from to ensure peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones.

Safety Sensors

In the rare case that there is an obstruction along the rail the stairlift is mounted on, every stairlift we install comes with sensors below the footrest that tell it to come to a complete stop to avoid any accidents going up or down.

Retractable Rail

Retractable rails are available as an optional feature on our stair lifts, and are ideal for staircases that have limited space at the bottom to work with. This prevents the rails from becoming a tripping hazard as you walk past the stairs or from blocking an exit.

Folding Footrest

Folding footrests not only help save space on the stairs, but also help prevent any tripping accidents by someone else using the stairs. Many stairlifts have power folding footrests to avoid having to bend over and risk falling.


The standard seatbelt is the center clasp option that sits across your lap, but stairlifts come with a wide variety of options for a wide variety of needs. You can go for the five-point seat belt, retractable seat belt, or even a seat belt that is required to be buckled in before the stair lift will start.

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